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One Guy Explains How He's Certain That He's Bisexual Without Ever Being With Another Man

Logic and common sense, my friend. Thanks for saying it!

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Justin Bieber Jumps on 'All About That Bass' Remix


This Is What People Are Actually Saying When They Talk About Your Body

BF - nailed it again. But it’s not really funny this time. 

17 Things To Expect When You Date A Girl Who’s Used To Being On Her Own

This is disturbingly accurate. This girl must have been there herself to nail it like this. 

NASA Recorded Sound In Space, And It’s Absolutely Chilling

Bah, I love this. 

Pentagon unveils plan for military's response to climate change

I love that this is now a problem they are taking seriously… because it affects the defense budget. Are you fucking kidding me?!

On the other hand, I suppose better late than never…? -_-

Everything That’s Wrong With The “Fat Suit” Tinder Experiment

I totally agree with this assessment of what’s wrong with this whole experiment. 

And yet, it’s also my very fear come to life - my friends wonder why I gave up online dating. Well, this is why. 

Stunning finds from ancient Greek shipwreck

So cool!!

Angelina Jolie Made Honorary Dame by Queen Elizabeth II

For her humanitarian work. Go Angelina! 

The Daily Show has Kristen Schaal explain the GOP's 'winning the lady vote' ad campaign

OMG, this is amazing. I love Kristen Schaal. (But, seriously?! That is the dumbest ad campaign of all time.)

"Homeland" Dares To Show Fat Sex, And It's Only "Weird" Or "Disturbing" If You've Always Assumed Fat Women Are Sexless Freaks

For all that I’m totally sick of Hollywood’s portrayal of plus sized women, I am glad these discussions are happening - maybe people will actually get a clue.

'Twin Peaks' Returns As Showtime Limited Series From David Lynch & Mark Frost